3D graffiti

Besides the walls, O’Prime Art Studio created art works on different surfaces – on the roofs, stairs, asphalt other. One of his recent works on the asphalt – 3d precipice, produced in Poznan, Poland. This is one of his biggest 3D works – 800 m2, but created in a short period 5 days. 3D effect is visible only from one point. Have a look at more photos below. The last big 3D art projectexhibition in the city of Zielona Góra, Poland.
We make our works on different surfaces – one of our
3D mural project is located on stairs, 200 square meters

Studio O’Prime offers an individual approach to creating 3D images not only on the plane, on the walls and even on the stairs. 3D Graffiti can be used for decoration at home, office and for advertising purposes. 3D illusion – it’s more fun for customers it’s can be background to photos.


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