O’Prime – diversified company. 
We create projects from design a business card up to building the stadium
O’Prime studio works from initial idea to final implementation, from tradition to innovation.

O’Prime Art Studio 
has many achievements:

-over 9 years of experience in developing non standard, creative projects
-over 20 000 square metres of realised murals and artistic wall paintings on completely different surfaces, from asphalt to roof
-over 9 years of experience in design, interior design and decor
-some of the author’s paintings are in private collections in Ukraine, France, Germany, USA, Poland, Argentina and Mexico.

Individuality of projects is a priority element of our activities, every project is original and unique.

Our team carefully approaches project artistic design, taking into consideration the character of the venue and the request of the customer.
O’Prime team is constantly seeking new creative ideas, joining them with modern technologies and needs of the society.

We don’t see any barriers, because we are able to think over and realise any, even most daring customer’s request.

Creativity has no limits , 
so the activities of  O'Prime Art Studio
has a very wide range of services.

E-mail us, and we will answer within 24h