Creativity has no limits , so the activities of the art studio has a very wide range of services. Below are the main areas of services that we provide, but it is not the scope of our capabilities.

Conceptual architecture / interior design
-architectural projects –interior design -furniture design -product design -architectural visualisation –Art installations Interior decoration
Creative decorative stucco
Effects: patina effect, rust effect, rock effect, beton effect, other art effects. 3D Wallpapers \ 3D floor -home & visual staging Graphic design -logo design -branding -identity design -web design -3D visualisation Art and advertisment drawing on surfaces. Mural Art and Graffiti
– hand painted
interior murals
3D Graffiti

– 3D canvases
– exhibition of 3d art
– 3D street art optical illusions

Art installationSpray paint on carsart projects and facades, on walls, flour art and roof art
mural advertising on building
– individual graffiti orders
– decorations
– murals on the roofs


3D graffiti
3D interactive,3D module canvases (events)
-canvases art – 3d on asphalt
– 3d on walls
– Illusions on the asphalt

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